Student Testimonials

Eric Hunter

Steve at the Guitar room is a great guitar teacher. Why? Because whatever I want to do on the guitar, he can help. Whether it’s a question of playing technique, musical theory, advice on guitars and equipment, or learning a favourite song or solo, I know I’m going to get valuable advice and assistance. One thing I find particularly useful is that he will record backing tracks / demonstrations specifically for you, so that you can then practise at home. If, like me, you’re playing on your own, this is invaluable. I’d recommend Steve to anyone who plays guitar.

Chas Wells

I had virtually given up guitar after realising I had a huge confidence problem which prohibited me from playing in front of people, this also stifled my development as a guitarist. After some time friends who had heard me play encouraged me to start playing
again saying it was a shame to waste my talents such as they were. I felt at the time that I wasn’t very good yet felt so passionate about guitar that I knew I needed to start playing again. I decided to get some professional help and set about finding the best teacher for my needs to help me move on. I knew many guitarists at the time and when I asked any of them who I should go to, they virtually all recommended one guy “Steve Dodds”!
It was suggested that I go and check him out in the band he was working with at the time…I did and he blew me away….an awesome player in every respect !! I very rarely missed one of his gigs….and guess what , many of those other guitarist were there watching him as well at one time or another! As soon as I had spoken to him at a gig one night I knew he was the guy I wanted to teach me….he was so passionate about the guitar it left me feeling ecstatic. Steve is like that, his passion rubs off on you and you find yourself gagging to learn more. Steve started teaching me soon after and my skills grew in leaps and bounds. Sometime later Steve rang me and told me a certain band was looking for a guitarist and that I should think seriously about it and ring him back……..I was gripped with fear at the thought of performing to people…. I was going to ring Steve and say no but I realised that if I did not do this now then I never would. Thanks to Steve I got the job with the band as Rhythm guitarist which eased me back into playing live. After a short time the lead guitarist left the band and it was suggested that I took over all guitar duties….I did soon after and have been the lead guitarist with that band for some time, touring all over the UK, playing in some of the most famous venues, and backing some famous acts. I even get asked to do session work another peoples projects! you couldn’t make this up! It is one thing being a good player, and another being a good teacher….Steve is gifted at both and if anyone reading this is thinking about lessons (from beginner or someone that needs to re invent their playing), in my humble opinion as a regularly gigging guitarist you could not find anyone better to teach you the skills to do the job….I owe Steve an awful lot. If anyone wishes to hear me play or speak to me about anything I have said here, contact me at

Jon Green

I’m a regularly gigging guitarist, been playing for 20 years and felt a bit stuck in a rut and wanted some new motivation and inspiration to take my playing to another level. Steve has really helped. I’ve revisited some foundational areas and with Steve’s guidance got a lot more solid technically as well as integrating more thoroughly with music theory. Steve’s got me thinking like a musician, not just a guitar player.

Kirk Twiner

Steve is a great teacher always patient and encouraging and makes the lesson interesting. Great at the basics right through to the more technical stuff. Steve’s the best always a pleasure to have another lesson. I always wonder where the time goes because I enjoy the lesson so much I can’t believe my hour is up!